Why take part?

Like the evolution of film, from still photography to motion picture so the evolution of the digital median followed in the same steps. The digital photographic camera is a tool that can now capture motion, making it accessible to many and thusly exploding the once niche market of cinematography.

Although the division between pro-sumer and amateur is disappearing there is a distinctive line between the professional and amateur image-capturing fields. The professional cinematographic industry has been the forbearer of new technologies, which eventually find themselves in the pro-sumer units. It is that industry, the professional cinematographic industry that drives the industry to new equipment and methods in filmmaking, it is that industry that first makes the magic happen.

The Nordic Cine ProZone reveals exactly that, how the magic happens, it shows how and with what equipment the professionals’ in the cinematographic realm achieve the stunning results they do.

It shows the public the reason and need of all the people, companies, traits and technologies, which compose a film crew. The ultimate goal is for the full spectra of industries involved in a feature to participate in the show, making the Cine Nordic Pro Zone the ultimate behind the scenes show. More importantly it shows how your units and services are used in the field, it is a venue to show off their necessity and attributes.

 Now Lets Talk Business, really why become an exhibitor?

  • Brand Recognition / Exposure

With over 14,000 visitors during last year’s event and these being stand alone clients, you cannot get that exposure anywhere else nor via any other mean.

  • Firm establishment

By being an exhibitor in the zone you will be able to establish your self as a product specialist and major player in your field, a reference point to your existing and to your new clients. You can, free of charge, make use of the conference area to have a company presentation/ workshop / screening or any other activity. All this invariantly raises your value as a firm.

  • New Market base / New Clients

With the ever growing pro-sumer market and stand alone production companies the final client either for rental or purchase is every harder to find. This median brings them to you, the “stand alone” clients will be there and most importantly you as an exhibitor will be able to show and sell your services far better and easier than over any website or telephone.

  • Existing Clients

It is an image and prestige issue, your existing clients will want to see that you as a person, company and/or service are present in the show and more importantly in the Pro Zone. Not to mention that your presence in the zone will indirectly raise the value of your services in the view of your customers.

  • Business Opportunities

By being an exhibitor and being surrounded by other members of the field you will be able to discover and get vital information of the market place. In turn this could lead to new opportunities that potentially you had not considered or a shift to a new area of the market.

  • Educate in your product

With the seminar room offered to all exhbitors, this will be the prefect forum to educate, show, present your products and services to an extremely large number of people.

  • Sell Products to a captive audience

In the Cine Nordic ProZone you are given the opportunity to directly sell you products straight from the show floor! This means that you have a captive clientel already set in buying mode.

  • Great Value for money

For all the above reasons, ROI like this is hard to find.