Initially the purpose of the show was none other than to bring all the major players of the motion picture industry under one roof in the Nordic region. It was evident that a high-end cine show was missing from the area and what is more important; it seemed to be in high demand.

With that initial though the concept of Nordic Cine was created. During that initial creation process the corner stones of the Nordic Cine ProZone came to light, they are listed as the purpose of the zone and act as guide for it.

So what is the purpose behind the Nordic Cine ProZone?

  • To illustrate the evolution of a medium
  • To be a show case of the latest equipment in cinematography
  • To be a forum for new ideas
  • To show the many traits in the industry
  • To expose the interaction of art and technology
  • To educate in equipment, methods and services
  • To be the ultimate behind the scenes show
  • To show the “how to” in movie magic.

With the above points in mind the first NC became a reality, considering the turn out of both exhibitors and visitors the show was nothing less that a grand success.

Even after the first year Nordic Cine had taken place, the show has acquired its own momentum With the above points in mind the show is evolving to include more areas such as the Broadcast are and the tunnel, seminars have also taken a more instructive role with guest speakers / firms not only show casing products / services but also using the allocated time to inform on the how too’s.

It is safe to say that the Nordic Cine ProZone has turned out to be more than just a tradeshow, more than a collection of branded booths lined up on a aisle. The Nordic Cine ProZone has become the largest high-end cine and soon to be broadcast show and seminar forum in the Nordics, to which you are all welcome! 

to which you are all welcome...