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With headquarters located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment. The ARRI Group comprises a global network of subsidiaries and partners that covers every facet of the film industry, including worldwide camera, grip and lighting equipment rental through ARRI Rental; turnkey lighting solutions through the ARRI System Group; lab services, postproduction and visual effects through ARRI Film & TV; and film distribution through ARRI Worldsales. Manufactured products include the ALEXA camera system and AMIRA documentary-style camera; Master Anamorphic lenses; L-Series LED and M-Series HMI lights; Pro Camera Accessories; and ARRISCAN archive technologies. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their technical contributions with 18 Scientific and Engineering Awards.

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Behind Canon's 70-plus-year history and development as a business lies its corporate DNA: a respect for humanity, an emphasis on technology, and an enterprising spirit that the company has consistently passed on since its foundation. The enterprising spirit on which Canon was started as a venture company, and the relentless drive to distinguish itself through technology, permeate the company, and have continued to provide society with new advances. These motivating factors are in turn supported by a respect for humanity, which encompasses meritocracy and an emphasis on good health. Canon is committed to passing its corporate DNA on to future generations to ensure the company grows for another 100, or even 200, years.

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Dagsljus was founded in 1991 and is today one of Northern Europe’s leading rental house for feature films, commercials and TV production.
We supply the whole range of services and equipment for your production; film cameras, HD cameras, video cameras, lights, sound, cranes, dollies, vehicles, and custom built rigs.
The skilled people at Dagsljus have been in in the business since its inception in 1991 and have experience of thousands of both large and small productions. Dagsljus continuously invests in the latest technologies and adapts all the new equipment to meet customer requirements. Our goal is to offer and provide the complete services package.
Dagsljus also organises courses for crew, photographers and technicians regarding rigging, electrical safety and more.

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Gotlands folkhögskola

Gotland folkhögskola is one of 150 high schools in Sweden. They are scattered across the country, often beautifully situated. Most high schools have boarding school where the students can stay during their studies. In recent years, more and more colleges also started operations in our larger cities and then offers externat, going to school in the day and living at home. Folk high schools are a different type of school, which believe in combining theory and practice and letting different people, cultures, living conditions and interest orientations meet each other.

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Ljud & Bildmedia

Ljud & Bildmedia AB rent professional equipment for television and film production both national and international. We carry one of the widest ranges of professional production equipment in northern Europe.
In our inventory you’ll find anything from generator trucks and telescopic camera cranes to some of the world’s most advanced video cameras and accessories to complement them. 
At Ljud & Bildmedia you will find what you're looking for regardless of production size or recording format. If you’re looking for an item that’s currently not in stock or some other specialized item we can many times still offer you a solution  through our international contacts. Along our rental operations, we have a constantly growing stock of items for sale and a service department that maintains and repairs our own equipment as well as yours.
Ljud & Bildmedia's story began in the end of the 1980's when Björn Thisell, then a freelancing sound technician, began renting out his personal sound equipment to film  and television productions. As time passed the client base grew larger leading to new equipment investments. In the year 2000 Ljud & Bildmedia moved out of Björn's garage in Åkersberga to new facilities in central Stockholm, speeding up the growth of the company. Since the move to Ljud & Bildmedia´s fifth location in 2009 we are now established as one of Sweden's largest and most complete rental houses.
Our Vision, recording technology is constantly developing and so are we. To give you the best service we continually invest in new and innovative technology providing the widest range of equipment possible for you to choose from. Our goal is to be your leading supplier of professional video, audio, lighting and grip equipment, making you as a creator the star of the movie.

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RED Digital Cinema

Describe it as a perfect storm. A mad scientist, with the passion and resources to make his dreams come true, a team of brilliant specialists that shared his passion and, finally, the moment in history when the technology would be possible. All factors were necessary for the dream to be realized.

The genesis of RED stirred in 2005, with the first RED ONE camera being delivered in August of 2007. Jim Jannard, the owner and founder of sportswear and sunglass icon, Oakley, set out to realize his ultimate quest, to build the world's best cameras. Starting literally out of a warehouse garage, he and a small group of pioneers changed the face of the motion picture industry. Based on the RAW file capture of digital SLRs, the RED team engineered a camera capable of recording RAW, 4K images at up to 30 frames per second. Digital cinema, on a modern scale, was born.

Built in early 2006, RED's first testing platform, a mere sliver of what would ultimately become MYSTERIUM®, was used to create the first image. From the humble beginnings of a wooden box came proof that the technology could work. There was much to do, many problems to solve, but the sensor was viable. From this point forward, history would be made.

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Schneider Kreuznach


Schneider-Kreuznach played an instrumental role in the history of optics in Germany over 100 years ago and is today a global market leader in leading-edge optical technology. Throughout the company’s history, lenses made by Schneider-Kreuznach have always stood for exceptional precision and robustness, whether for cinematography, photography, cinema projection, or industrial applications.

The group comprises Jos. Schneider Optische Werke, founded in Bad Kreuznach in 1913, and its subsidiaries Pentacon (Dresden), Schneider Optics (New York, Los Angeles), Schneider Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and Schneider Optical Technologies (Shenzhen).

We are proud to have been recognized with dozens of prestigious industry honors including Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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ZEISS is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. The more than 24,000 employees of ZEISS generated revenue of about 4.2 billion euros in fiscal year 2012/13. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for more than 160 years. ZEISS develops and produces solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums. ZEISS is present in over 40 countries around the globe with more than 40 production facilities, around 50 sales and service locations and over 20 research and development sites. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation).

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