SAS Official Airline for Nordic Cine ProZone

19/09 - 2014

We are very happy to welcome Scandinavian Airlines as our Official Airline and supporter of the Nordic Cine ProZone.Scandinavian Airlines or SAS has over 130 (July 31,2013) aircraft with its own tail sign and services 4 continents with regular connections. SAS is also one of the 28 members in the Star Alliance, which boasts a fleet of 4338 aircraft serving 1269 airports in 193 countries, regardless of how you look at this, the sheer size and network is impressive, even more so when one looks at the excellent track record in safety and punctuality throughout the years.

Above that though what is truly mind-boggling is the care and excellence in services offered by SAS to the traveler, regardless of the airlines size and importance in the market place. Scandinavian airlines’ 4Excellence code of conduct seems to be, at least from a customer’s perspective, thoroughly implemented in all levels and positions within the firm.

These 4 Excellences are:

  • Commercial Excellence: Do the right things that the customer is willing to pay for and make us the natural choice for Nordic travelers.
  • Sales Excellence: Increase cost-efficiency and achieve higher levels of loyalty among both companies and travelers. Sales are about relationships and not only transactions
  • Operational Excellence: Ensure we (SAS) deliver the highest quality and cost-efficiency based on customer value.
  • People Excellence: Realize the full potential of employees through strong leadership and cooperation on shared goals.


With these guidelines, which might we dare say, are very similar to ours, we feel we have a found a sound partner and are very proud to have them on board.

All that is left now is for you to use event code SE1430 and click here, and for us to…