ProZone 2015... Rumors...

20/10 - 2015

Nordic Cine 2015 is in the making and whilst there are many surprises to be had some information has already leaked out so lets make it official…

This year the ProZone boasts its own entrance, second only to the FotoMassan.

The zone will be divided into 3 main sections.

The Cine Area:

This is where the majority of the booths is situated. The booths cover half the circumference of the main event area, which is an elaborate set. The set is sub divided into four areas which will have a variety of themes designed in such a way to enable the testing of the cameras / lenses / accessories available, even shots on drones!

The Broadcast Area:

This area hosts our Augmented and Virual set, this is were visitors can “walk on the moon” and see the how the magic is made in live broadcasts. The area hold also the black tunnel, an area we visitors can see the diference between grading monitors, camera filters and all the light sensitive alterations that come with high resolution and image filtering.

The 4K Cinema:

A true 4K projection thanks to the VideoVox, the official BARCO distributor and integrator for Sweden. The cinema area will also host a number of presentations from various manufacturers and of course high end 4K material!

  Looking forward to welcoming you all...