Nordic Cine 2015

18/06 - 2015

Prep is work is feverishly under way for Nordic Cine 2015, in fact it has been for quite a while, it actually started as early as December 2014, just one month after the closing of a very successful Nordic Cine 2014.

Fueled by the positive feedback and encouraging comments, the success and turn out of 2014, it really was a no-brainer to go ahead and do one better. This year Nordic Cine will be, larger, more diverse and ultimately just much more interesting and entertaining for the many fields of in the art of motion picture.

Although most of the work done is still behind the scenes, and with some more way to go, one thing certain, 2015 will trump last year by far. It might be seemingly still early but every professional in the field knows that the prep period far outweighs the “run” time. Nordic Cine is constantly raising the bar to the next level for the visitors and for the exhibitors as well. It is a tall order to better an already successful show but we are confident we will achieve it.

Without wanting to give away too much yet here are few points to consider as a teaser/trailer on Nordic Cine 2015

  • Nordic Cine 2015 will have its own entrance as well as being accessed by the hall area.
  • The event area will be least twice the size of Nordic Cine 2014
  • Nordic Cine 2015 will have almost double the number of exhibitors compared to 2014
  • Apart from the 4K Screening Area there will also be a light controlled area for light sensitive viewings of monitors, filters etc.

More will follow, and it will be amazing...