Cinematography in a Photo show?

28/08 - 2014

Very simply put, cinematography is motion pictures, quite literally. The word cinematography is derived from Greek were, cinema, κίνημα, kinema means "motion or movements" and graphy γραφή (graphé) representation or drawing.

Cinematography has evolved from still photography, again another word originating from Greek, were photo φῶς (phos) means light and graphy γραφή (graphé) means representation or drawing.

In essence cinematography is a succession of photographs; each frame in a film reel is in fact a sill image were, each photograph is taken at a specific interval so once played back it will give the illusion of motion. A very simple way to explain and demonstrate this is a flipbook.

Like the evolution of film, from still photography to motion picture so the evolution of the digital median followed in the same steps. The digital photographic camera is a tool that can now capture motion, making it accessible to many and thusly exploding the once niche market of cinematography. Video has been available for quite a long time but it is only recently that digital imagery has reached great clarity and detail rivaling the quality of still photography, or film.

The professional cinematographic industry has been the forbearer of new technologies, which eventually find themselves in the pro-sumer units. It is that industry, the professional cinematographic industry that drives the industry to new equipment and methods in filmmaking, it is that industry that first makes the magic happen.

The Cine Nordic ProZone reveals exactly that, how the magic happens, it shows how and with what equipment the professionals’ in the cinematographic realm achieve the stunning results they do.