2014 ProZone - Numbers

05/12 - 2014

The turnout of the first Nordic Cine ProZone would have put any major Hollywood blockbuster set to shame. The sheer amount of cinematographic hardware present could easily have filmed more than 3 full-fledged feature films.

A numerical overview

  • 1 area (in)

  • 3 days  (with)

  • 6 supporters,

  • 13 official exhibitors (and)

  • over 30 high end cameras (on)

  • over 40 tripods (supporting) 

  • Over 60 lenses ranging from broadcasting, cine and anamorphic (and)

  • Hundreds of mechanical and electronic accessories (with)

  • A 4K Projector (viewed by)

  • Over 380 seminar and screening attendants, (and distributed)

  • Over 450 copies of “in the zone” booklets was host to 

  • Over 9500 visitors, from still photographers to motion picture DoP’s, including rental houses and post professionals.

Suffice to say that all the people present got more then expected from the ProZone expirience, and of course next year will only get better!

Dates will be posted shortly, for pre-registration and information for 2015 please click here.