RED Guest speaker Asgeir Helgestad to Nordic Cine 2016!

03/11 - 2016

Asgeir Helgestad
Artic Light
Wildlife Film Photographer & Documentary Producer
Seminar time: Saturday 12/11 12:00
Location: Nordic Cine Cinema (B10)  


Since 1991 Asgeir has produced both stills and film for various clients including NRK and BBC. He is experienced in working under cold and harsh conditions since many of his projects are from the Arctic and also Antarctica. Most films are shot on Ultra High Definition (6K), using the large format RED EPIC camera. His still photography and films have won several awards internationally including; Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Wildscreen Film Festival. The first book he authored and photographed received the Norwegian Culture Department's debutante prize.

Presentation Topic: RED Digital Cinema in Focus

Join award-winning producer and wildlife photographer Asgeir Helgestad as he reveals how RED cameras help him to achieve his artistic vision. Featuring footage from his recent expeditions and television documentary, Asgeir will explore how RED cameras perform in challenging conditions covering everything from dynamic range to slow motion and reframing to grading in RAW. Forget 4K, the 8K revolution is already here.