ARRI ALEXA Mini Product Manager Michael Jonas holding seminar at Nordic Cine!

ARRI's very own Michael Jonas, product manager for the ALEXA Mini, will take you through the journey of the MINI from the drawing board to todays productions.

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RED Guest speaker Asgeir Helgestad to Nordic Cine 2016!

A seminar will be held at Nordic Cine this year together with Asgeil Helgestad where he will discuss the use of RED cameras as a wildlife photographer. 
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Mark your calendars 11-13 November 2016!

Nordic Cine ProZone is in the making and we have been working hard to make this show the best one so far.

ProZone 2015... Rumors...

Nordic Cine 2015 is in the making and whilst there are many surprises to be had some information has already leaked out so lets make it official…

Nordic Cine 2015

Prep is work is feverishly under way for Nordic Cine 2015, in fact it has been for quite a while, it actually started as early as December 2014, just one month after the closing of a very successful Nordic Cine 2014.

2014 ProZone - Numbers

The turnout of the first Nordic Cine ProZone would have put any major Hollywood blockbuster set to shame. The sheer amount of cinematographic hardware present could easily have filmed more than 3 full-fledged feature films.


Nordic Cine 2014 has come to a close but our work is far from over, in fact it has just started. We are already planning the next Nordic Cine ProZone, thank to all the great feedback we are confident it will be an even better show! Many many pictures and articles will be posted here and on our facebook page so keep checking in. Once again thank you all and see NEXT YEAR.

Clarion Hotel Amaranten opens its doors to Nordic Cine

We are very happy to announce that Clarion Hotel Amaranten is Nordic Cine ProZones official hotel. The Clarion Amaranten is a member of the Nordic Choice Hotels chain, and is equipped with all the necessary facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible.  The hotel has a SPA, a pool, gym, bars and restaurants, not to mention the prestigious Kitchen and Table. Guests can also use room service, laundry service, free wifi and express check out facility, the hotel is also pet friendly.

SAS Official Airline for Nordic Cine ProZone

We are very happy to welcome Scandinavian Airlines as our Official Airline and supporter of the Nordic Cine ProZone, with over 130 (July 31,2013) aircraft with its own tail sign servicing 4 continents with regular connections and also one of the 28 members in the Star Alliance, SAS can bring you here from practicly anywere!

The 80's and Digitial Cinematography

The 80’s were a period of technological innovations in many fields, with the creation of the machines like the Comodore 64, Macintosh 128k, the Walkman and the rise of VHS. In the motion picture industry the 80’s were marked by the adoption of “high concept” films and thus the rise of blockbuster movies, with the highest US grossing film being ET. The raise and importance of cinematography pushed its boundaries, fueled also by advancements in technologies, the stage was set for the pioneers of digital cinematography.

How did it all begin?

The creation of movie magic has always had much appeal and has always been enticed with stories of extremes and at times unbelievable circumstances, but rarely does one ask… how did it all begin?

The answer, amazingly enough to that question, is only one word… a bet!

Cinematography in a Photo show?

Very simply put, cinematography is motion pictures, quite literally. The word cinematography is derived from Greek were, cinema, κίνημα, kinema means "motion or movements" and graphy γραφή (graphé) representation or drawing.